– SA-20 Akustik – a real hybrid IEM

SA AkustikThis is a brand new hybrid IEM, designed to be used in combination with floor wedges or acoustic sound. It’s a combination of the brand new SA-20 combined with acoustic filters that sits in parallell with the speakers. This lets you listen to your monitor mix while at the same time leets you hear what is happening around you – the acoustic filter attenuates the surrounding sound to better match the rehearsal space’ or live stage sound level to the monitor mix’ volume.


* Dual balanced armature driver, 2-way system, passive crossover (3 kHz)
* Frequency response: 40-18000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW
* Impedance: 30 ohm
* Acoustic filter: 17dB linear linear acoustic filter*
* Cord: Twisted, hardwired or detachable, 125 cm (49″), goldplated stereo 3,5 mm (1/8″) jack


NOK 3690,- ex. VAT (with hardwired cord)

NOK 3990,- ex. VAT (with detachable cord)

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Payment options are Paypal or Bank Transfer

* This IEM is not approved as hearing protection