– SA-43 – Advanced and sophisticated

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SA-43 is our top of the line custom IEM! Just as perfect for critical and passionate music listening as for use in a professional live gig or studio session. It’s a true 3-way system. As an industry first it has two switches on the faceplate that lets you customize the level of bass and presence in your mix. And you can choose to have two, switches, only one, or none at all.


* 3-way system, 2nd order (12dB/octave) hard-wired passive crossover (50 Hz and 5,3 kHz)
* Frequency response: 30-18000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 104 dB/mW
* Impedance: 50 ohms
* Cord: Twisted, hardwired or detachable, 125 cm (49″), goldplated stereo 3,5 mm (1/8″) jack


NOK 5990,- ex. VAT (with hardwired cord)

NOK 6290,- ex. VAT (with detachable cord)

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For international customers without a local dealership you can order directly from us:

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Payment options are Paypal or Bank Transfer

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