– SA-32 – I love bass

This is an enhanced SA-22 with an extra subwoofer added to extend the low range as well as boosting the output below 50Hz without coloring of the lower midrange/midbass. It can be ordered with a switch to control the second subwoofer, essentially providing two models in one. Great for music listeners who loves bass, as well as drummers and bass players who want the added sub range but want to maintain a neutral and correct mid/high range response.


* 3 balanced armature drivers, 2-way system, passive crossover (50 Hz)
* Frequency response: 30-18000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW
* Impedance: 32 ohm
* Cord: Twisted, hardwired or detachable, 125 cm (49″), goldplated 3,5 mm (1/8″) jack


NOK 4490,- ex. VAT (with hardwired cord)

NOK 4790,- ex. VAT (with detachable cord)

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