– SA-20 – An updated classic!

Our classic 2-way SA-22 has got a new replacement:
The brand new SA-20 is a very well sounding IEM suited for most musicians and artists, and works equally well for music listening, whether it’s pop, rock, jazz, classical or electronica.
Now much better linearity, better dynamic range and a much more natural and engaging sound quality.
And now an even better price!


* Dual balanced armature drivers, 2-way system, passive crossover (3 kHz)
* Frequency response: 35-19000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW
* Impedance: 22 ohms
* Cord: Twisted, hardwired or detachable, 125 cm (49″), goldplated 3,5 mm (1/8″) jack


NOK 3290,- ex. VAT (with hardwired cord)

NOK 3590,- ex. VAT (with detachable cord)

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Payment options are Paypal or Bank Transfer