Radio communication for pilots

We have in cooperation with professional pilots developed two custom made solutions for use in radio communication. These monitors are low profile to allow for unobstructed use under noise protection headsets or helmets. They bypasses the speakers in either headset or helmet and distributes the sound directly to the ear canal. This provides large increases in noise attenuation and clearer listening, allowing lower overall sound level to be used on the radio. The original helmet microphone is still used. Both models are delivered with an angled SMB female connector as standard. Other connectors and cable lengths can be delivered on request.

ERM-1 SMB is the cheapest solution. This solution has the advantage that the ER musicians earmoulds alone can  be used as passive noise protectors by replacing the speakers with noise filters having either 15 or 25dB attenuation when radio communication is not needed.

SA-11 SMB provides the highest noise isolation. NOK 3152,- ex. VAT. This is a fully sealed canal size monitor filled with silicone to give maximum protection from external noise.

ERM-1 SMB: the combi solution

SA-11 SMB: fully sealed solution