PRM-Series earphones for ACS Pro

Add-on earphones/monitors for ACS Pro noise protector earmoulds

– PRM-Series™ earphones

We have developed a unique series of add-on earphones for use with the new ACS Pro earplugs. As the Pro-filters are exchangeable they can now just as easily be replaced with an PRM plug-in monitor so you can use your custom earmoulds for listening to music or for in-ear monitoring on stage.
If you own or plan to buy ACS Pro earplugs, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get custom earphones!

The PRM earphones can also be made wireless with a Bluetooth necklace. The Bluetooth necklace comes in black.

You can choose between three models:

PRM-1 – entry level, single speakersCRM-1 med propp

PRM-3 – 2-way speakers, compact and musicalCRM-2 med propp

PRM-4 – 2-way speakers, Warm and rich soundingCRM-4 transparent