– HF-3.0 – The ultimate in custom hands-free kits

Tek9av10This is the HF-3.0 – the follow-up to our very popular HF-2.0 custom hands-free kit!

Mobile phones are getting better and better when it comes to sound quality and support for lossless and high resolution material, and are built with better DAC’s and amplifiers. With several suppliers of high quality streaming services and more and more music stores offering high resolution files we see the need to provide an even better hands-free kit to match this new potential.

Compared to the existing HF-2.0 the HF-3.0 hands-free kit has bigger and more powerful speakers and can cover a larger part of the audio spectrum, provide more volume and has a lot bigger dynamic headroom. The HF-3.0 can play significantly louder than the HF-2.0 without pushing the speakers into compression. That additional power and low end reach does really make a difference!

Black shells, Black faceplates

– Custom made from your ear impressions to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit
– Reduces ambient noise so you can enjoy undisturbed phone calls and your favorite music
– 2-way speakers with separate bass and treble drivers for optimal music reproduction
– Available for iPhone and Android phones and tablets
– iPhone 7 or later? You can of course get the white Apple cable with a Lightning-connector
– Many shell and faceplate colors and materials to choose from
– Perfect for undisturbed listening on a plane, on the train, the bus or when you are out strolling around
– Go wireless with our great new edition powered by a high quality Bluetooth necklace


2399,- ex. Vat with hands-free cable
2799,- ex. Vat with Bluetooth necklace

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For international customers without a local dealership you can of course order directly from us!:

Order instructions here (Payment options are Paypal or Bank Transfer)

Technical data:
* 2-way balanced armature type receivers, rear vented bass unit
* Passive 1st order crossover at 3.0 kHz
* Frequency response: 35-19000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW
* 22 ohm impedance
* Premium type hands-free cable with 3 button remote and microphone for iPhone or Android
* Optional Bluetooth wireless necklace

Bluetooth Edition:
* Multi point connectivity
* Standby: up to 600 hours
* Talk/Streaming time: up to 8 hours
* Charging: approx 2 – 2.5 hour
* Volume controls
* Call handling and play/pause button
* Micro-USB charging socket


* HF-3.0 Review at Tek.no (Norwegian)



Got yourself a new phone? Broken cord? – We can replace or change out your hands-free cable for:
NOK 600,- (ex. Vat)

Replacement of Bluetooth wireless necklace: NOK 1090,- (ex. Vat)

New shell: NOK 600,- (ex. Vat) for one side/ear

Cleaning incl. replacement of all internal and external filters: NOK 300,- (ex. VAT)