– HF-Series

HF-Series™ – Custom made hands-free kits for your phone – and pleasure for your ears!

– Get maximum comfort and sound quality with earmoulds custom made to your ears!
– The earmoulds seal off the ear canal properly and ensures that you can enjoy listening and remain undisturbed whether you are on the bus, in a plane or out for a walk.
– Select a Premium quality 3-button hands-free cable to control your phone or tablet
– Want an iPhone 7? You can of course get our white Apple version with a Lightning-connector
– Go wireless – get a custom hands-free kit powered by a high quality Sony Bluetooth module

HF-2.0 Premium – An upgrade of our renowned hands-free kit

HF-3.0 Premium – High Fidelity hands-free kit for your listening pleasure

HF-2.0 Bluetooth – New! Wireless edition of our renowned hands-free kit

HF-3.0 Bluetooth – New! Wireless edition for the demanding listener

Colors. materials and options

Colors, materials and options