19 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Hi, I live in Canada and I am interested in the SA43 Custom IEMs. I was just wondering if you guys shipped there and how the payment process works. Thanks!

    1. Hi, yes we ship worldwide. Shipments go through Bring Logistics with their service “CarryOn HomeShopping”
      and for payments we send a PayPal invoice that can be paid with either a PayPal account or a credit/debit card.
      Bank Transfer can also be arranged if customer prefers.

  2. Ear impressions, how are they best preformed..

    Mouth wide open, bite on a stick or pen, keep your mouth shut?

    Im a owner of a pair of SA-43 and my right ear is hurting internally before the custom is aligned in the ear – Left ear fit is fine and no pain whatsover, even when forcing more pressure on the custom, Right hurts the more i try to force it to fit correctly..

    My impression were made by a local hearing aid company, they used phonak compound and i used the shut up mouth method, and keeping a gentle bite too..


    1. Hi,
      We normally recommend using a bite block, or bite over two fingers. These methods helps to improve the seal as it tightens the fit when you close your mouth.
      What you describe could happen because you might have a canal that’s narrow at the start and significantly wider further inside the ear. Then you have to force the thick part through a narrow part of the ear canal. This would usually be best corrected by sanding/reshaping to lessen the extremes. A new or better impression will probably show even more pronounced features, possibly making this kind of problem even bigger. A new impression is best when the fit is loose or you have problems with leak. You could ask your local audiologist if they can look at the earmould and might suggest where the problem is – and add marks on the mould or on the impression so that we know where to make any adjustments.

      1. I already have an appointment at the local hearing-aid company tomorrow, and i would explain them what problem i have, and its a sanding issue as u speak of most likely.

        The right custom has a bigger bump near the soundtubes then the left, and it rubs on the lower part in my inner ear, its very close to be where it should be – but its the last 5mm that gets the pain going and tho more pressure i put in the more pain, and then i get a imbalance as the custom dont settle in and i cant hear any initial leaks and the isolation seems to be as it should..

        I’ll leave a reply later on as i get used to them again after a easy sanding fix hopefully..

  3. Hi,

    A few questions, if I may:

    Will there be a new flagship/high end custom coming up within the next 6 months?

    What is the shipping cost to Canada?


    Do you have any other colour options? Can I do each side differently?


  4. Hi!

    I would like to know whether I have to pay the price excl. or incl. VAT. I’m from Slovakia.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  5. Your order form for the hands-free kit seems to be a broken link. Could you please fix it?

      1. That’s great thanks. Does anywhere in the uk stock them/is it possible to try them out? Or is there an option to return them if they aren’t quite what I’m looking for?

      2. Sorry I don’t have any resellers in the UK. It’s possible to return them yes, however I don’t give a refund on shipping costs. You also have to pay VAT / custom fees on import since I am outside the EU and it might be difficult to get the VAT back if you change your mind.

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