ERM-Series plug-in monitoring

Add-on earphones/monitors for ACS & Elacin musicians earmoulds

– ERM-Series™ plug-in earphones

We have developed a unique series of plug-in IEM’s to use with the well known and widely used ER musicians earplugs. As the ER-filters are exchangeable they can now just as easily be replaced with an ERM plug-in monitor so you can use your custom earmoulds for listening to music or for in-ear monitoring on stage.
If you own or plan to buy ER musicians earplugs, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get proper custom earphones!

NEW! ERM-Series now also available in black!ERM universal sort

You can choose between several models:

ERM-1 – entry level

ERM-2 – great bass

ERM-3 – compact and musical

ERM-4 – New!

ERM-5 – The Classic


– The ultimate solution for full flexibility

For professional IEM use, the ERM-line can be built together using separate parts. You’ve got your earmoulds and acoustic filters, and can now get your IEM’s too as separate parts – Two earphones and a cord. If one part breaks you can easily replace it. Worried about a cable breakage on tour? Keep a spare in your gig-bag! Perfect for technicians, artists on the road and anyone else in need of a thrustworthy IEM solution 24-7.