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If you do not have a dealer in your region you can order directly from us:
1 – Get ear impressions taken at your nearest audiologist or CIEM dealer/shop
2 – Fill out the order form below and send it to us along with your ear impressions

HF-Series custom hands-free kit order form

SA-Series custom in-ear monitors order form


3 – PS! Make sure that the shipment is marked with “ear impressions” and clearly stated as of “no commercial value”

Send the order to:

Company: Middelthon Innovasjon
Attn: Alf J. Middelthon
Address: Storevigbakken 28 B
Zip: 4105
City: Jørpeland
Country: Norway
Phone: +47 40452250
Email: middelthoninnovasjon @ yahoo.no


All sales are considered final upon final order agreement and payment is received. Our products are sold with a 2 year limited warranty. The warranty covers technical and functional production errors from the time of delivery. Damages from normal use, regular wear and tear e.g. cable breakage, wax or moisture damage, blown speakers etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Custom made in-ear monitors and hands-free kits are sold with a 1 month warranty on fit. Be aware that we might reject or demand new and/or better ear impressions if we consider the ones received not proper for further processing. This can be due to voids, improper fill, too short canal or similar shortcomings in the impression material. Only one remake job is included in the warranty. 

Regarding ear impressions;

We recommend the use of a bite block when you get the ear impressions taken. The impressions should be long enough to include or go just past the second bend, and fill the complete outer ear. On the outside the material should fill enough of the outer ear to leave a flat or a convex surface, without voids.

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