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M-Fidelity – Premium quality in-ear monitors, hands-free kits, plug-in monitors and CEP’s developed for professional use on stage, in the studio, at work or for high fidelity music listening

In-ear monitors for artists and industry professionals

Plug & Play
* Experience high-end sound quality and get the noise isolation needed to perform confidently on stage
* Eliminate wedge monitors and their dreaded feedback and get maximum control over your own sound stage
* The IEM’s can be silicone filled for maximum noise suppression when you need it the most
* Excellent comfort with earmoulds made just for your ears
* Leave all the large and heavy monitor equipment at home when you go on the road
* Hear every nuance and detail precisely and naturally when mixing or mastering
* Take care of your hearing with M-Fidelity hand crafted custom made in-ear monitors

CIEM for serious music lovers
CIEM for serious music lovers

Peace and quiet
* Enjoy your favourite music with the utmost in comfort and fit
* Hear every detail of your favorite music without disturbance
* Our in-ear monitors can be filled with insulating silicone to give you the best possible noise suppression from your surroundings
* Listening  at home, on a bus, on a plane or in the park – nothing will degrade your listening pleasure.

Hands-free kits
For the active user who wants the best there is

Entertainment and communication
* Get the most out of your smartphone with your own custom hands-free kit
* Control your music and conversations with a Premium grade 3-button hands-free cable
* Works with iPhone or Android phones and tablets
* Go wireless with our latest addition – Custom earphones powered by a high quality Sony Bluetooth necklace

Plug-in monitoring
Superb add-ons for your favourite custom-made noise plugs!

Work and pleasure
* Expand the value of your custom-made noise plugs
* Replace your noise filters with these great add-on earphones!
* Enjoy the custom fit also when you listen to music
* Fits most popular types of custom noise plugs:
– Elacin or ACS ER musicians earmoulds – see the earphones here
– ACS Pro noise protectors – see the earphones here
– Elacin ClearSound noise protectors

CEP-kits for pilots and crew

* Be confident by hearing every detail over the radio
* Get max suppression of any cabin or turbine noise with our silicone filled in-ear monitors
* Get the optimal comfort to sustain a long work day with custom made earplugs

Options and accessories
Options and accessories

Spare cables, carrying cases, wax filters and cleaning equipment

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