- HF 2.0 – The perfect hands-free for your phone

Our mighty popular custom hands-free kit! Perfect for everyone who ain’t comfortable with normal universal buds that might be too big or too small, loose or uncomfortable, and those that misses great sound quality and noise isolation.HF custom small









- Custom moulds made after  impressions of your own ears to ensure a perfect fit

- Reduces ambient noise undisturbed phone calls and music listening

- 2-way speaker unit, separate bass and treble for optimal music reproduction

- Microphone and answer / multifunction button on the cable

- White or black cable

- Many faceplate colors to choose from

- Can be made for most phone models on the marked



Check at you nearest dealership here

For international customers without a local dealership nearby you can order directly from us:

Order instructions here

NOK 1690,-

Payment options are Paypal or Bank Transfer


Getting a new phone? Broken cord? – We will replace or change out your handsfree cord for NOK 250,-


Technical data:
* 2-way TWFK type receiver, rear vented bass unit
* Passive 1st order crossover at 2.7 kHz
* Frequency response: 40-18000 Hz
* Sensitivity: 112dB/mW
* 30 ohm impedance