ERM-Series plug-in monitoring

ERM-Series plug-in monitors for ACS & Elacin musicians earmoulds

- ERM-Series™ plug-in earphones

We have developed a unique series of plug-in IEM’s to use with the well known and widely used ER musicians earplugs. Since the ER-filters are exchangeable they can now just as easily be replaced with an ERM plug-in monitor to be used for listening to music or monitoring on stage. If you own or plan to buy ER musicians earplugs, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get proper custom earphones!





- The ultimate solution for full flexibility

For professional IEM use, the ERM-line can be built together using separate parts. You’ve got your earmoulds and acoustic filters, and can now get your IEM’s as separate parts – left and right earphones and the cord. If one part breaks you can easily replace it. Worried about a cable breakage on tour? Keep a spare in your gig-bag! Perfect for technicians, artists on the road and anyone else in need of a thrustworthy IEM solution 24-7.              *

Modular ERM-monitors are made by order only